Roles of Each Hockey Position

Every hockey player of a team is essential to make any team win. We may have seen hockey stars who get a hat trick for the number of goals he made in a game. But without the other players doing the offense and the defense in the entire game, no player can effectively score.

What are the positions of players in a hockey club?

Basically, every hockey team has players occupying the various positions, namely, the right wing, left wing, center, defensemen, goaltender.

Right wing

The right wing is the player who is responsible with the right side of the ice. He is designated to maneuver the right part both from the offensive end and the defensive end. He should be skilled in maximizing the sides and the boards and use them to the team’s advantage.

Left wing

This player is the compliment to the right wing. He is in charge of the left side of the ice. Just like the right wing, he must be trained in utilizing the boards in order to pass quickly and efficiently. He must also be fast to move from the opponent’s net to your own net to create opportunities to score.


The player who takes the center position should have the smarts to play hockey and the skills to back it up. He is the quarterback of the ice. The team relies on him to make successful plays and be creative inside.


The defensemen of the team have one thing in their minds- defend the ice against the other team. Particularly, the defensemen need to clear the path for other forwards, to spread out on the ice, take the puck out, and prevent the opponent’s forwards from coming in with the puck to shoot.


It is ultimately the goaltender’s job to defend the net. He does not move much in front of the net and waits for the opposing team to shoot the puck. He is equipped with additional equipment to protect himself against the accelerating puck heading towards his body. If you want to purchase good quality goalie equipment at a reasonable price, you can shop online and use voucher codes to get discounts.