How to Choose the Right Hockey Stick

Do you still remember the first time you bought your first running shoes? Or how about your first car? A hockey stick is not a one-product-fits-all kind of equipment. You must take a lot of factors into consideration before making your hockey stick purchase.

Are you a lefty or a righty?

Just like in any other sport, you should make your equipment adapt to you and not the other way around. If you are left-handed, you should pick the hockey stick that is specially made for you. For those who have more control using the right hand, choose the equipment created for right-handed people.

If you are not sure yet, have someone throw a ball or a puck at you. The hand that you use to catch it is your dominant hand.

What should its material be?

You generally have two options- a wooden stick or a composite type. The wooden stick is the one used years before but is still made until today. They are cheaper than composite types. Since they are made of wood, it gives the user a kind of feel and grip that no plastic could ever provide.

Composite hockey sticks are used nowadays by professionals because of their durability and flexibility in design. It is called as such because it is made of fiberglass and carbon fiber. Be ready to spend more if you choose this kind of stick. But you can get discounts on this equipment if you use online shops voucher codes.

Choose a pattern

The pattern is based on the characteristics of the blade. They can be determined by the way you prefer to hit the puck. Ask hockey stick shops of the curve depth, type, and angle of the blade. The curve depth refers to the shallowness of the curve. The type describes the actual curve of the blade. The angle, meanwhile, determines the inclination in which the blade is curved.

Look at the flex chart

Have you seen a flex chart before? It is a general list used by hockey stick users to determine the right size and flex for them. This chart presents the age group, the height, the weight, the shaft flex, and the length of the stick.

Although the flex chart is a good basis for the size and flex of your stick, the decision still lies on you. You can try each size and get a good grip on the stick. Then pick the one that feels comfortable in your hand.

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